Friday, April 9, 2010

Buns in the Oven

Does anyone else think it is funny how well the expression "buns in the oven" really fits the pregnant dog?  Rosie is cooking those "buns" at a pretty consistent 100.3 degrees right now.  I know that because I have been taking her temp (don't even ask, it's not fun and she is not cooperative) twice per day waiting to detect a change.   Once her temp drops by a few degrees the "buns" are done and pups should arrive within hours.  Amazing, isn't it?  

Don't forget to place your bets for the date and # of puppies that will be born.  It's only $1 per vote and the money goes to the breeding program at PAWS.  The instructions are in an earlier post and if you are local, you can skip paypal and just give me a check or cash.  The prize is coming together nicely!!!  Thanks to all of you that have already guessed!!