Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Introducing the Special K's

The moment many of you have been waiting for, the names........

Miss Pink - Kaiba  
living in West Michigan. 

First born with Aimee

Mr. Blue -  Kingsley
Living in SE Michigan

2nd born, with me.  What an experience! 

With friend Ella

Miss Purple - Kosmic
Living in West Michigan

with Caroline

Mr. Red - Keaton
Living in West Michigan

With Natalie, PAWS volunteer

Miss Yellow
4.13.10 - 4.28.10

Miss Green - Keeley
Living in SE Michigan

with Caroline S.  

Mr. Orange - Kaden
Living in Lansing Area

Many thanks to Kaden's raisers for the quick photos!  Isn't he a doll in his little cape??

Miss Polka Dot,  aka "the Bonus Puppy" - Kismet 
Living in West Michigan Area

This pups ribbon changed colors a few times over the 8 weeks, just in case you are confused.  The Yellow with prange Polka Dots is "Bonus".