Friday, May 14, 2010

A quick catch up

The adventure continues.

Mr. Orange decided that the fire place makes a nice place to sleep and he required a bath to get rid of the soot and dust, doesn't he look pathetic, poor baby :(

Aimee brought over the little tikes slide for us to borrow, the pups LOVE it!!   If any of you garage sale shoppers see one of these, buy it, I or PAWS will pay you back (up to $10).  this is the best puppy toy!  

We have started feeding gruel, a combination of ground up kibble and water and the pups can't get enough.  

We have had quite a few visitors in the past two days.......

Annie with daughters Jenn, Julia and Judith May are experienced puppy breeders.  They have even bred lab puppies for PAWS.

I am sure Amy has heard nothing but "PLLLEEEEZZEE, I want a puppy" ever since Sarah and Leah left from snuggling the babies.  

Anna and Greta's school friends Ella and Francie dropped by after the park today.  Francie wasn't sure what to think, but she was very brave and even petted Miss Purple.  

Matthew, Anne, Isabelle, and Helena stopped by.  Do you think brother Peter is going to be sad he didn't come?   

Payton, Michelle and Gwen were contemplating stuffing Miss Pink into Michelle's cute pink purse.  I did a pup count before they left the driveway! :-)  I am sure Michelle and Greg will also be hearing the "PPLLLEEEEZZZZEEE!"

Now, the pups were pooped but after a quick nap they are back to wrestling.  They are sooo cute!!