Saturday, June 5, 2010

The last week.....

Our last weekend is upon us.  The pups are eating dry kibble, drinking water from a bowl and barely nursing at all.  They are getting better at using the litter box and they definitely prefer going outside.  They are little escape artists and 2 have scaled the walls of the x-pen to roam the basement at night, not good.  They slept in crates last night and did great, slept until 6:30 this morning!  We are getting very close to the end of this journey.

Simultaneously, I yearn for a clean, fresh, quiet (yeah, right, who am I kidding?)  house and the ability to leave for extended periods, but know I will miss them terribly.

At this very moment they are all asleep just a few feet from me and I hear at least two snoring away.  They are so content.  I wonder about the adjustment that they will be making.  I know that they say that a dog's memory is very short term, but I can't help wondering, will they miss their siblings?  their mother? my children?  me?

I do know that some of the pups will be in for a drastic change in environment.  My house is chaotic on the best of days, with the addition of these pups, it has been totally insane.   I wonder about pups going to a quiet or "empty nest" type house, will they know what to do with themselves in the quiet?

Letting go is definitely going to be the hardest part, not because I wish I could keep them, (although there are a couple that I would like to keep)  more because I will no longer be in control and I will not know how they are doing every minute of every day.  I will not be able to snuggle them and smell their puppy breath whenever I want to.  I am relieved knowing these pups are going to loving homes, going to be showered with attention every where they go,  and will change lives some day.  I am proud that we have played a part, but I am a bit nervous for them, I am sad to let them go, and  I hope I will hear updates or run into a pup now and then (HINT, HINT).

Thursday the pups visited two Kindergarten classes at Wealthy Elementary.  Friday they visited with three 2nd grade classes to celebrate Caroline's 8th birthday, and some 4th graders that simply could not stand to be in class with these cuties on the school grounds.  The pups were so good!  I was nervous that the puppy teeth and nails would ultimately bring tears to some little child, but they were on wonderful behavior, the pups and the kids.  The pups were held, loved and snuggled by many, many kids, parents and teachers.  They were pooped by the end, oh and speaking of poop,  only one accident while we were there, and boy did that poop evoke a lot of laughter and shrieks of "GROSS".  Most moms just bring Krispy Kremes for birthday treat, I bring puppies,  I know, I know, it's just the way I roll ;-)