Thursday, June 3, 2010

Just thinking about the weather.

This weather here in Michigan has been phenomenal.  I must say, for the puppies as well as the people.  They are well acclimated to the heat, wind and water from their time outside.  As well as thunder, lightning and the air conditioning during their time in front of the big picture window.  They made it through the storms with barley a peep while Uncle Jackson tried to find room on the bed to bury his big noggin.

We were without power for most of the day on Monday so nothing much happened.  We had a nice visit with Kathy, another Paws breeder.  What a rock star she is, she has whelped 152 pups for Paws, the last time she had 3 litters within 3 weeks.  WOW!  See why I asked her for advice?     She made me feel better about what was going on and offered me some tips that I have neatly stored away for the next go around.  She escaped without a photo because my camera battery was dead with no way to charge it.  Next time, Kathy.

Tuesday after school we had the Tholls and the Smiths visit.  It was so fun to watch the puppies play and tug and run with the kiddos and the Moms had just as much fun.  Thanks for coming!