Monday, May 10, 2010

The Pied Piper

Puppies are everywhere.  Today they decided to hop out of the box and try to follow mom around the house.  I've been poised here with the video camera trying to catch it again to no avail.  Just like the Pied Piper, but with Momma Golden Retriever with little Golden nuggets scampering after her.  By far, the cutest thing ever.   

Other cute things that have been going on around here;

The pups have begun to really wrestle with each other.  I caught Mr. Red chasing Miss Green's tail today.  He caught it and bit down, she let him know that wasn't cool.  We also had an all out rumble going on with 5 puppies squawking and "growling" at each other.  They think they are so tough trying to be top dog.

The box no longer contains them, I think each has been over the "great wall" at least once today.  I now am spending my time counting and making sure none have escaped to another part of the house.

They have begun to harass Old Uncle Jackson.  Jackson has been such a good sport up to this point with the invasion of golden puppies.   Now, he is not so sure what he thinks of them.  They are beginning to chase him.  He pushes them back with his nose and they just go back in.  Common' pups, don't you know he is a crotchety old dog that outweighs you by what, 75 pounds?  And, how do you know that his growl is all show?  I'm being cautious, just the same.

Poor Jackson, in time out. Look at that face!!!  

Rosie is a Retriever through and through.  If you come to our door, she will greet you with a gift.  Hopefully it is just a shoe and not a pair of underwear.  She now has started to bring her babies gifts and it is so sweet!  Yesterday I found a sock in the box.  She often brings stuffed toys, but what I love most is the tennis ball.  As if to say, "OK kids, this is a tennis ball, you LOVE tennis balls.  They are the bomb, slimier the better.  So just get used to the smell, and you will want to practice dropping into your person's lap."

yes, her head is in the litter box.

We had lots of fun with visitors this weekend.    
Bennett and his mom Amy.

Melinda with Jack and Ruby

And the Gorsline Girls, Belle, Libby and Gracie.  

And Julie and Mallory, you must come back because we didn't get a photo!