Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Different Week

 I have been asked frequently, "could a working person whelp and raise a litter of pups".  I could not really answer that question, as I am at home with my kids and, although I saturate my schedule with volunteer efforts, I do not have a set schedule or a paying job.

All that changed for three days this week.  Here is yesterday's schedule:
6AM - I Woke, let Rosie in to nurse puppies and put kibble in to soak.
  Cleaned up night time puppy area and readied daytime area.
  Took puppies outside, and fed gruel.
  Fed big dogs.
  Took a shower.
7AM - Woke kids,  Andy fed them.
  Helped them get dressed, brush hair and ready for school.
  Brought puppies inside.
8AM - Took kids to school
  Went to work.
Noon - Andy checked in with the pups , cleaned, let Rosie in to nurse, (forgot to feed them gruel).  
3:30 - MIL arrived at house with kids
  let Rosie in to nurse
5PM - Andy arrives home
  feeds gruel
  takes puppies outside
  cleans up day area and readies night area.
6 pm - feeds kids and big dogs
8:30 - puts kids to bed
10:00 -  puts dogs to bed
Late - I arrive home.

So, could a working person whelp a litter?  Sure it is possible, it's all a matter of schedule!

The fun stuff....

"The pool is fun!" It is almost unanimous!  

Mr. Red, what is the matter?  "Get me outta heeere....."

"Maybe a nap in the pool....," says Mr. Blue.

"It is all about splashing!" says the bonus pup.