Thursday, May 6, 2010

Escape Artists

I really did not expect these pups to be so strong so soon.  I arrived home today to find 5 AWOL puppies.  They were sprawled out all over the puppy romper room (AKA the living room) snoozing away, obviously exhausted from the big adventure.  Thanks to the wood floors, I had the mess cleaned up in no time and the pups back in the box with some extra toys to keep them entertained!    Now for clarification, the whelping box has a hinged flap on it and the flap was left down so the climb was only about 6" but I doubt it will be long until they can scale the full height of the box.  The ex-pen is on deck!

Seriously, these babies are getting CUTER by the minute.  Fluffier, feistier and lots more fun.

And speaking of cute, we had an impromptu visit from the Masek's today.  We had some squirmy puppies for this photo, but isn't it darling anyway?   

Another sweet thing happened today, our friend Amy sent the sweetest Mother's Day card to Rosie and Me.  Her thoughtfulness made our day!!  After all that poor Rosie has been through, she deservse a Mother's Day Party,  hum, that gives me an idea!