Friday, May 21, 2010

I've been trying.... blog, but seriously, these pups are so stinkin' cute that I cannot take my eyes off of them long enough to type.

I have so many funny stories to tell you, like right now.  Rosie is laying in the middle of the floor, wearing a black wife beater tee shirt (a good look) and all 7 pups are jumping all over her and playing.  I want so badly to take some photos, but I'm uploading the 250 photos I have taken in the past couple of days!

The girls and I have had a couple of chances to see Paws dogs at work this week.  The kids and I saw two Paws assistance dogs with their people out for lunch in EGR and Paws Hearing Dog, Brinks came by our garage sale with his person, Jim.  It was a nice reminder of the mission and as I scooped my umpteenth bag of puppy poop later that afternoon, I was smiling.

At 5 1/2 weeks, each pup is weighing over 7 pounds, the wrestling has increased and they have started to tell each other what they think squawking and barking at each other, rather than just randomly.  They are constantly nipping at feet and pant legs and the girls have quickly learned that skirts are not the best attire for puppy play time.

We had a few kids visit on Thursday and for a while there were 7 kids and 7 puppies.  The kids just couldn't get enough of the pups and the pups were pretty happy, too.  Cute kids, Cute Puppies and a beautiful day, what could be better?


...and twin brother Collin


...and twin brother Gibson. 

"Bonus Puppy" is what we affectionately call the last little girl born.  After delivering 7 puppies, we thought that Rosie was finished, we cleaned up, Aimee was on her way out the door, when she spotted a contraction.  The last puppy was born about 20 minutes later and she has been "BP", "Little Bonus Puppy" or just "Bonus", ever since.  Small and mighty, she was the smallest at birth and still is weighs in a full pound lighter than the largest pup.   She wore whatever scrap of ribbon was left and has changed colors a few times since.   Currently, she has pink and green polka dots, and WOW,  do polka-dots ever fit her personality!  She bounds after the girls attacking their feet, she chases tails, she races around so fast that all four paws are in the air!  She is darling, spunky and the current favorite pup.

I have to get my camera's in order, photos downloaded, video edited and, I promise, more pics very soon.