Monday, April 26, 2010


What is not to love about a tiny golden puppy?  Well, in one word, poop.  Rosie does a great job keeping them clean, but this weekend all 8 babies were struck with diarrhea and it was more than Rosie cared to deal with.  So please forgive my lack of updates, but I have been busy cleaning.  

Not all was stinky this weekend, though.  We do have some milestones to report.

On Friday Miss Pink and Mr. Orange began to open their eyes.  By saturday evening all eight were peeking out at us.  It is so awesome to see them looking back.  

On Sunday morning, Miss Green, Mr. Red and Mr. Blue were all trying to get up on all fours and walk.  They are all trying it today, we should have some mobile pups in a few days.  

Miss Yellow is just shy of 2 pounds, Yippee!!  Miss Pink and Mr. Blue have each hit the 3# mark this morning, I cannot believe how fast they are growing!  

Looks like we are getting closer to visitors, I will let you know just as soon as we are ready.  

I am off to take some pictures and maybe some video of our little nuggets.  Happy Monday!  

Miss Purple shares a snuggle with her Mama

Caroline and Mr. Orange
Caroline has a special fondness for Mr. Orange, look at his eyes!!  

The Proud Mama stands watch over her snoozing brood.