Friday, April 15, 2011

Two More Updates

I have received messages from Kismet's and Kaiba's raisers and some photos too.  Here is what they have been up to.....
Kismet  "The Bonus Pup"

"A grand hello from Kismet!  She too is about 65 lbs and a bundle of energy.  She has brought much life to our world and joy beyond compare.  She is very confident and sure that she owns the world - you know that being the bonus produces a special way of looking at the world.  She love a good play time and has a rabbit that is a great best friend.  She will put it on the window sill - as if it needs to look outside with her.  Her second favorite toy is the cat.  Pooka has finally found out that it is safe to play chase and then sit back and watch Kismet get into trouble."

Kaiba   Miss Pink

"Here is Kaiba on her first birthday! She weighs about 62 lbs and seems little for a golden! Of course our last boy was 105 lbs, so she is very dainty!!  She is very playful ,but gentle, and loves to take every toy out of her "toy basket". We find them all over the house.. now we just need to teach her to put them back! HA!  She eats just about everything in sight, but has not torn up one toy!" 

Keep up the great work, girls, we are proud of you!