Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy One Week Birthday

The Puppies are one week old today and what a week it has been.  I am truly amazed at the daily changes in these little golden nuggets. Two of them have reached the 2# mark already.  They are very strong, even tiny Miss Yellow is climbing over her bigger siblings to get to the milk truck and to snuggle with mom.  And, they are content,  Rosie continues to do an awesome job attending to their needs.   

I thought it might be fun to show you each pup, so today, I will start with the first born, little miss Pink.  

Miss Pink is a very calm and quiet pup.  She eats, sleeps and snuggles, barely ever making a peep.  She is sweet as can be.  My girls  have taken to calling  her Pinky-pie or Pinkalicious.  All of these pups are going to be in trouble when it comes time to answer to a real name as they all have lots of nicknames!  

Speaking of real names, have I told you that this will be the "K" litter?  That means that all the names will begin with K.  The future Puppy Raisers who will house them get to have a say in naming their foster pup, with the aid of the people at PAWS. Two Syllable names with a dominant first syllable are best and PAWS tries to steer away from common human names.  

So, here she is,  Miss Pink.....