Friday, May 7, 2010

Adjust the volume????

I've added music to the blog,  it will start any second.  You may want to adjust the volume accordingly.  Thanks.  

More Questions

Happy Friday.  We have successfully made it through another week, Rosie is healing and the pups are growing.  I thought it might be a good day to answer some more questions and, of course, share more photos.  

Q.  How much longer will the puppies be with you?  
A.  The puppies will be weaned and will move to their foster homes in early June. 

Mr. Red, Seriously, have you ever seen anything cuter?  

Q.  Where will the puppies go next?
A.  They will be fostered in private homes for the next 12-14 months. 

Pink and Green Sisters hold paws while they snooze! 

Q.  Are all the puppies assigned to foster homes?
A.  No.  Five of the pups have been assigned.  Two will stay in the Grand Rapids area.  One will go to Lansing and two will go over to SE Michigan.  Two are still in need of foster homes. 

Hard to believe these little paws will be scooting around Michigan in
their "Future Assistance Dog" capes before too long!

Q.  Do you get to name them?
A.  No.  Each foster family submits 3 names to Paws and one name will be picked by Paws.  So far these "K" pups will be Kosmic, Kismet, Kirby, Kaden and Keely.  

Since Rosie's mom is Hula ("Hot Lips" Houlihan)  and her litter was named for M*A*S*H characters, I am still pulling for Klinger to keep the theme going ;)
M*A*S*H Litter
Parents - Hula and Bubba
Sherman, Hartley, Rosie, Milly and Truman

Hartley, Rosie and Mom Hula.  

Q.  Do you have to live in Michigan to foster a Paws pup?  
A.  No, there are pups being fostered in other states.  if you are interested in learning about fostering a future assistance dog please click Paws with a Cause.

Mr. Orange is a total Snuggle Bug.  Rosie knows it, too.
She often brings a stuffed toy and drops it on top of him.  Too cute!  

Q.  Are you being compensated for what you are doing.  
A.  No, we are volunteering our time to Paws.  It is a great way to combine our love of dogs with a desire to think above ourselves and help provide independence to people who would not otherwise have it.  The life lessons that our children are learning from this experience are priceless.  

Today's visitors were Rob, Allison, Edan and Corbin.
 Edan wished his pocket's were bigger so he could've smuggle Mr. Blue out of here!   It wouldn't have taken too much arm twisting for him to have enlisted his dad's help.  Definitely a dog loving family!  

Q.  How did you become involved with Paws?
A.  That is a long story and one that I will share on another day.  

Q.  How can I get involved?
A.  Make a donation of money or items from the Paws wish list. Even better, host a party and collect donations, I would be happy to help you with ideas.   You can attend PAWS Events.