Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I had quite a day with Rosie yesterday.  I guess in an experienced raiser's perspective, it probably wasn't too major, but from my inexperienced perspective, it seemed monumental.  My sweet girl was totally normal when I checked in on her and the pups around noon, but by 3pm,  I knew something was not right.

Rosie wanted nothing to do with the bowl of vanilla yogurt I had brought for her.  Right there, a retriever refusing food, I knew something was up.  When she finally looked up at me, I was greeted by a big belch and the remains of her lunch.  Yuck!  Upon further examination, I realized that she had developed mastitis and she looked to be in much pain.  A trip to PAWS to see Dr. Jeanne, 3 shots, oral antibiotic and I feel confident that she will be feeling better very quickly.  She still feels pretty awful today and I hope that tomorrow will be a better day!

The first time we saw Rosie and her litter mates!  
This whole experience lead me to think about the bond I have with Rosie.  I am not ashamed to admit that my bond with Rosie initially was weak.  After all this darling fuzzball that came to us at 7 weeks was only to be with us for a short time in her path to become an assistance dog.  I put up a wall reminding myself often, "Don't get too attached, she is not yours"

Rosie's first day at our house.

Besides, I have lots of attachments to keep me busy, great husband, three darling girls and my first born, my four pawed baby, Jackson.  Jackson is the first dog that has ever been mine.  Andy and I bought him the weekend after we closed on our first house more than 10 years ago.  I am so incredibly bonded to him in a way that no other animal will ever compare.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love Rosie to pieces and I am glad that her path has lead her to live with us but our bond is different, at least it was  up until this experience.

My favorite pic of Rosie

As Rosie's belly grew and her temp dropped, I became so much more aware of her.  As labor started, I felt very connected to her and as I watched those puppies come into this world, our bond was changed forever.  She made motherhood seem so easy, almost effortless.  I love watching her care for these babies and as they grow, I am so proud of her.

To see her in so much pain has been difficult.  To see her struggle and wince as she lets her babies nurse is heartbreaking.  I worry about her and she cannot get better quickly enough.  My bond with my sweet fluffer-nutter has changed since she has become a mama dog and I totally adore her.
Pregnant Rosie and her buddy Jackson

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