Monday, April 5, 2010

x-ray day

Hi everyone, thanks for checking us out. Today was a big day for us. We took Rosie to PAWS for an x-ray to get a peek at those babies, it was really cool to see the little skulls and spines. The obvious question is......"How Many?" So, how about we have a little fun? A "PUPPY POOL" and even more fun, we will try and raise a few bucks for PAWS. Here is how it will work...

$1 per vote or $5 for 6 votes. Money collected will go to PAWS with a Cause "Generations of Independence" Breeding program. Paypal the funds (send it as a gift, please) to along with your guess of how many pups and what date they will be born. There will be a prize for the winner, still working on what it will be. The winner will be drawn randomly from all the correct guesses. Tell your friends, let's try and raise $100. Get your votes in today!

Just for your information, Rosie was bred between February 8-12th

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