Monday, May 17, 2010

Gotta' Love the Sunny Weekend

I started this post over the weekend, so I will just call this the weekend update!

I absolutely cannot believe how much there pups change each day.
Miss Purple 23 days ago

Miss Purple today

Purple is such a pistol.  She is the instigator, the clown and the life of the party.   When she decides that it is playtime, watch out.  She will badger each and every sleeping puppy until they are all awake.   She makes us laugh daily.  

Aimee came by with another ex-pen and some new toys.  We made a big pen outside in the front yard.  She stayed and played for a bit, the puppies love their Great Grandma and so do we!  Rosie is really beginning to play with her babies.   She is a little rough with them but they do not seem to mind at all. 

The slide is still the most fun especially now that they have begun playing "King of the Mountain".  I think Purple is winning!   

Rosie is really starting to play with the puppies.  She is a little rough with them, but they do not seem to mind at all.   

Katie, Dee and Ashley came by to visit.  The girls may have had more fun catching toads in the yard with my girls than snuggling puppies, but that was just fine with Dee and I, more snuggles for us.  


The Schramm family joined us on this bright sunny Sunday for some snuggles.  I could see puppy raising in their future, I'm absolutely sure these darling girls would be into it.  

We had many additional friends from the neighborhood stop by for snuggles and somehow avoid the house rule of photos with the pups for the blog.  We also had 2 other impromptu drive-bys, one inquiring about purchasing a pup and the other brought their golden, Luna, to check out the babies  :-/
It is great to have this opportunity to tell the PAWS story, these golden nuggets sure to attract a lot of attention.  

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