Saturday, May 8, 2010

Seriously.... am I supposed to get anything done around here!  The girls and I spent this rainy Friday afternoon just staring at puppies, taking pictures and snuggling.

"Mommy, I think these are lion puppies!", exclaimed Anna, as Miss Purple let out a tremendous growl.  Anna literally does not leave the living room, she is constantly playing with a puppy or two.  I have to remind her that they are babies and she must let them sleep.  

We had a houseful of girls after school as Terry came back with friends Katie, Emily and Abbie .  They took so many pictures, I think they may have to publish a book!  Each puppy had a favorite girl and the feeling was mutual!  Even Rosie posed with them for a photo.  It was a fun visit and we hope they will come again.  

These pups were seriously tired after the girls left!  

Puppy Pile on Mama Rosie's bed!  

We are gearing up for a Saturday of visitors, if you would like to be added to the visitor list, please drop me an email, comment below or on Facebook.   

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