Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What a Day!

Happy Wednesday everyone.

Yesterday we had the cutest visitors. Lily came over and brought her mom and her grandma.  What fun to see them interact with the pups.  It was a really nice, calm visit.  Thanks for coming!

Today, has been quite a busy day here in puppy world, getting everyone ready for Rosie and the pup's TV debut.  House cleaning, hair, makeup, clothing for all 8 girls (4 two-footed ones and five 4-pawed ones.)  Rosie went over and saw Tammy for a bath and a trim.  She came back looking and feeling refreshed.  As all of us busy moms know, a day at the spa is vital once in a while.  Lucky boys, no work for them to look great.

Just a sidebar note, not really the smartest idea to start the puppies on "gruel" the day before a photo shoot. Really, you think that it would have occurred to me that with gruel, comes poop.
I mean real poop.  

We welcomed Jamie and John from the Maranda's Where You Live* show  into our home to talk about PAWS, puppy raising, whelping, etc...  The pups preformed perfectly, Rosie was a wonderful hostess and Jackson even gave them a Chessie Smile.  Caroline talked on camera (I'm soooo proud of her), so I hope that they will use some of her in the piece.  

I am thrilled to be able to use these adorable golden nuggets to garner more awareness for PAWS and the wonderful work they do.  It was fun for us and I think for Jamie and John, too.  The segment will air on May 28 and 29, I will keep you posted!

Jamie and Puppies.  

We are really looking for Mother Nature so send some warm, dry weather this way so the pups can go outside and play,  if you have any influence, we would appreciate it.  

*Where You Live is a weekly half-hour program hosted by Maranda. Each week's show features a combination of information, inspiration and insights for West Michigan parents.  It airs Fridays @ 7pm on WXSP, Saturdays @ 7:30 am and pm on WOTV 4 and Saturdays @ 6:30 pm on WOOD TV8.  

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