Monday, June 7, 2010

The Last Day

Written Sunday, June 6.  

I am really sad.  I know that it is time for the Special K’s to move on, but never the less, I am sad.  The following is a sampling of the crazy mixed feelings that have filtered through my head for the last 24 hours.....

They are smelly, my house smells like a barn and I want to be able to go to our cottage, it is time for them to go.
But, they are sweet, I love the cuddles, watching them play provides hours of smiles.
But, they smell....BAD!!!
But, it is summer and when they are outside the smell really isn’t that bad.
They are LOUD, the neighbors have been tolerant but whiny pups outside at 6:30 am is really pushing it. 
And, Miss Purple and Mr. Orange, oh boy, need I say more?  
But, Purple and Orange are so, so funny!!!  
But, they are still babies, shouldn’t they stay together, they are pack animals. They need each other and they need us.
But, they will get plenty of love from their foster raisers and they will get so much attention in their little capes!  
But, I will miss them terribly.
But, my house will smell fresh .
But, poor Anna, she is going to be hardest hit by the puppies leaving, she just adores them.
But, Andy is up to his eyeballs in puppies and I think if I told him they were staying he might be the one leaving, at least to a hotel.
But poor Rosie, won’t she be sad and miss her babies?
But, I’ve been told that she won’t even remember in a few days and she gets to go to the cottage and have doggie play dates again......

There is just no two ways about it, the last 8 weeks have had their ups and downs, joys and sorrows.  These puppies are absolutely great little dogs.  Each has a unique personality and each has been my favorite over the past 8 weeks.  I would keep any one of them if I had that option.  They are headed into families where they will be loved, cared for, taught manners, taught obedience, and readied for “college”, where they will learn the hard stuff.  The stuff that will enable them to literally, without a doubt, CHANGE A LIFE.  That’s what makes me tear up .  These puppies, these tiny dogs, my little golden nuggets that I have held in one hand, that I have loved so much for these weeks are leaving here to embark on a mission that will culminate in CHANGING A LIFE.  That to me is awesome, in the true sense of the word.  That is the reason that I cry, bittersweet tears and tomorrow will bid my babies farewell and godspeed.  Be good dogs and tell your raisers to please write.   We love you and are so proud of you already.  

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  1. Beautiful, beautiful.....thanks for letting us take this journey with you!