Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What a Weekend!

So Sorry for the lack of updates, but what a weekend we had.  The puppies are getting so big, loud, fun, silly, smelly, lovey, squirmy, did I mention loud?  For those of you that have been watching closely for cute photos and antidotes of the "Special K" litter, here goes!

Our Memorial Day weekend started with a second visit from "Kaden's" people.  We do not yet know which puppy is Kaden, but Anna is convinced that it is Mr. Orange.  I will admit that Mr. Orange and Ellen seemed to have a special bond, however, I am quite certain they will be fabulous raisers to any of our boys, they have only raised 8 other puppies for Paws.  Can you believe that? Hats off to them.

Ellen and the K-Boys.  
I think it is fair to say that the pups were whipped after all the attention!

Sunday morning was a highlight of this entire experience.  Aimee came and took and abundance of photographs of my four-pawed babies as well as my two-footed ones.  The sneak peek at the photos have been beautiful, I cannot wait to see more.  The girls had a great time wrangling puppies for Aimee and posing for photos with their favorite pups.  Hearing them giggle and then completely take charge of the dogs was priceless.  Here are a couple of shots I managed while I thought no one was looking :) I will post some of Aimee's work as soon as I can.  

Other things that went on on Sunday?

....SWIM TIME....

...CHOW TIME......

...NAP TIME....


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