Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More Puppies

Hello Rosie Fans.  

Yes, it is true, Rosie has delivered another darling litter of posies.   On June 14, we welcomed the PAWS 2011 "K" litter, can you believe it, another bunch of "K's".  Again, we have 8 but, this time there are 6 boys and 2 girls.  All were 1lb or more!

Rosie was a rock star again and delivered 7 pups in 3 hours.  Of course the last baby has to have a nickname, right?  This time pup #8 is affectionally being referred to as the "9 hour boy" as he arrived a full 9 hours after #7.  We were thankful that he made his appearance naturally and Rosie did not have to endure a c-section (and by the way, he was the largest of the pups!!).  She and the pups are doing great and I cannot believe how much they have grown in just one week.

This time, things are a bit different.  Rosie and her pups were whelped and are being lovingly cared for by Aimee B. and her fantastic and supportive husband, Doug.  It was a decision that was right for our family and one that Aimee and PAWS, thankfully, made available.

So, Rosie is back in the home where she was born surrounded by her Momma, Hula, and her human Grandma Aimee.  A place where she is comfortable and well loved and her babies are in the best of hands.

There is a live puppy cam that can be viewed at http://pawspuppies.dyndns-home.com:1050/Jview.htm  the password is User and the 2nd box is blank.  The cam is up until about 8pm each night.

Here are a few photos from our visit last week Friday.  Caroline takes time to get to know each pup.  I look forward to doing some puppy blogging and will do my best to keep the story of Rosie's Posies going!  Thanks for reading and thanks for supporting Paws with a Cause!

Look, it's a size 3! 
The "Nine Hour Boy"

Little Girl Green!   

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