Saturday, April 17, 2010

Momma's Love

When my children were babies, I firmly believed that I was in charge of the tone of the day.  Actually, I still believe this, most of the time.   If I was in a happy, rested mood, we would have a calm easy day, free from tantrums but, when I was stressed the children would pick up on it and things would only go from bad to worse.  I think I may have had the same effect on Rosie yesterday or maybe Rosie was having that effect on her babies.

Little Miss Yellow has been giving us reason to worry.  Though not the smallest at birth, she is not gaining weight like her siblings and seems to be struggling to nurse.  Along with my increasing worry for miss Yellow, Rosie started to be, well,  antsy.   She did not want to stay in the whelping box, would not lay down to nurse and she even found a place to hide from us, under a table behind some pillows so only her nose was visible.  Seems strange behavior from the afore mentioned Rockstar.

Aimee (from PAWS and another Rockstar) came and assessed.  We have started tube feeding little Yellow in hopes that she will gain some weight and begin to thrive.  Once the baby was calm and quiet, Rosie went back to her normal behavior.  Was it my, or was it Rosie's, stress over Miss Yellow?  I don't know, but one thing is for sure, moms worry about their babies,  the four pawed and the two footed kind.  

If you are the praying type, say a little one for our Miss Yellow, she is not out of the woods yet.
Puppy Love!  

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