Friday, April 16, 2010

Rockstar Mom

OK, have I told you what a total Rockstar Rosie is?  She IS!!  She has taken to this mom thing very easily and is feeding, cleaning and loving her babies, you can see it on her face.

You may not know, but it is totally normal for a momma dog not to leave her litter at all during the first few days.  I had to literally pull her away so that she would go outside to potty.  She eats, drinks and sleeps in the whelping box with the puppies.

Yesterday, she decided to leave the box by herself, so she must feel very comfortable.  She came up the stairs, found a stuffed bear, grabbed it and ran back down.  I followed her and watched her plop the bear down on top of the babies as if to say to them, "Here, it's my favorite, I know you will like it, too" It was just too sweet not to share!

And, has anyone else noticed that Miss Green is a bit of a camera hog?  

In case you are wondering, the boys are Mr. Orange, Mr. Blue and Mr. Red the rest are our little girls pink, purple, green, yellow and yellow with orange dots.  Orange is the biggest, my girls have taken to calling him Moosie, and Yellow is the smallest.  

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  1. Oh, wow! So cute. So exciting. Rosie is awesome mom, but your family is working hard for the Cause, too. You should feel proud of the hard work you are putting into the whole breeding, whelping and raising of puppies!