Thursday, April 22, 2010


You might think that having 3 babies in 18 months (yes, twins) would have made me a patient person but, you would be wrong.  I work hard every day to have patience with my children, my dogs and the person in front of me in the check out line.  I realize that sometimes my impatience leads me to miss important subtleties of my environment.  So my goal each day is to have patience and to take in the world around me and notice the smallest details.  Lately the small details include the puppies.

Today, I cannot wait for these little golden nuggets to open their tiny eyes and take in their world for the first time.  How amazing it will be to watch them as they begin to see what is around them.  On this beautiful day, it is so hard not to take the little pups out to crawl in the grass.  Instead, I sit and I watch them as they snooze.  Some are silent and still, some are twitching and cooing.  They are only 8 days old and how much they have already grown.  Most have doubled in size since birth and they have so far to go.

Last night, I watched a PBS documentary showing assistance dogs and the jobs they do for clients.  What these special heros do is so much more than picking up a pencil or turning on a light.  Dogs like these change lives and I hope and pray that all eight of Rosie's babies will go on to have that kind of profound impact on their forever person.

I will just have to be patient!

I think I had better find a bigger box!!!  

If you want to watch the documentary on PBS, you can click Through A Dog's Eyes  

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