Tuesday, May 4, 2010

One Step Forward Two Steps Back

Actually, with all the paws around here I guess that would be at least 7 tiny steps forward.  These little pups are getting stronger, cuter and noisier by the hour!  The smallest pup is Mr. Red weighing in at 3 Lbs. 8 Oz. and the Largest is Miss Green at 3 Lbs. 13 oz.  I am having a lot of trouble getting anything done as all I want to do is sit and stare at them.  We moved them upstairs into the living room and they love the sunlight coming through the big window.

Little Miss Pink found herself in the funniest positions during her afternoon nap in the sunshine!  

Now Rosie, seriously, what a trouper.

I was not sure if I should blog about this incident as it clearly shows poor judgement on my part, but now that it has been 24 hours I am more laughing than crying, so here goes....

Sunday night, basement was really cold and damp from the rain we received over the weekend so Andy and I decided to plug in the heat lamp "just for an hour or so", to warn up the puppy area.  Well, I thought he turned it off and he thought I did.  Around 2AM a panicked Rosie woke me up and I smelled smoke.  The rambunctious pups had shifted the box just enough to knock over the still plugged in heat lamp and it had begun to burn the wooden slats and melt the carpeting behind the box.  Panic ensued as I doused the area and swiftly moved the puppies upstairs.  Thanks to Rosie, the damage really is not as bad as it seemed at 2AM and we are all safe.   We have added rescue dog to her list of superhero powers and I am making her a cape.

All of this in spite of her Mastitis.  It's bad, the worst the vet and staff at PAWS have ever seen.  When a dog gets mastitis, there is often a "blowout" where the infection comes to the surface of the skin, erupts through the skin and forms a hole.  I am not going to get too graphic here, suffice it to say, I have never seen anything so gross.  It looked like something straight out of a horror flick.

Yesterday, I took her out to see Dr. Jeanne (along with the pups to be sure they weren't suffering from smoke inhalation, they are all fine!).  Doc decided that there was no way this was going to close up on it's own so she did some surgery and partially closed the wound.   Again, not to be to graphic, Rosie has lots of stitches and two drains.  She came home doped up on pain meds and still managed to nurse her pups.  This morning, again, she nursed like a champ despite the obvious pain.

She is a super mom, I cannot believe how much she has endured and how much she has matured from it.  She is resting in her crate and only coming out to nurse so that she can heal quickly and we can get on with having fun with these pups.

It was joked yesterday that maybe we should change the naming of this litter from the K's to the "disaster" litter.  Well, Katrina does begin with "K"

Really, is there anything  better than Uncle Octo?  

We did manage to have some fun with the Conway's while Rosie was at the vet.  They are our neighbors,  and really, everyone should be lucky enough to have neighbors like the Conways!  When I told Amy that it was ok to come for a visit, Jack bolted across the street and was at my door before I even hung up the phone.  Terry is my girls' favorite babysitter, they beg for us to go out so they can play with Terry!  Their family raised a foster puppy for PAWS many years ago.  Obsessed with tennis balls, she was CC'd and became a drug detection dog at Logan Airport.  Amy is on the PAWS foster puppy sitter list and comes highly recommended by Rosie and Jackson.

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